A Three-Dimensional View: Developing Cultural Competency

This training is aimed at helping any professional or para-professional working in human services better understand Indigenous culture. By understanding our culture, you are given insight into how members of our community view their environment and our role in it. In addition, with this training you can better avoid disparate treatment, stereotypes, and biases. In essence, understanding how we each use our own cultural lenses to view the world helps us to relate to others in a more effective manner.

This training is especially important for service providers who serve large numbers of Native American adults, youth, children, and families. Cultural competence is a skill. Like public speaking, working with technology, leadership, or communication, the skill requires training, reflection, practice, and support. Although this training is skills-based, focusing on transmitting skills appropriate for dealing with any person who is of another culture, emphasis is placed on the Native American culture and certain situations which may be relevant to working with tribal populations.

This training can be hosted as a one- or two- day session. Features of this training include:

  • Definitions
  • The Cross-Cultural Continuum
  • The Help-Seeking Behavior Model
  • Learning About The Apo Ah
  • Cultural Competency As Practice

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