Who do you know that gives their unwavering support to North Dakota’s Native American families and children?

Should they be the next “ND ICWA Champion”?

The ND ICWA Champion Award is an initiative intended to honor those who go above and beyond when serving Native American children and families. The Indian Child Welfare Act requires additional attention be paid to the services provided to Native American families. The extra protections afforded to Native American children and families require compassion and diligence. Understanding the foundation of the law and applying as intended are essential for tribal family health and safety. All families deserve empathy, caring attitudes and attentive work. Tribal communities unfortunately do not have the resources to serve all their tribal members in the way tribal nations wish they could, so empathic and diligent service to tribal families is greatly appreciated. The Native American Training Institute on behalf of the four North Dakota tribes would like to honor individuals who provide superior service to Native American children and families who have entered the child welfare system.

The ICWA Champion Nominee must:

  • Demonstrate an unwavering desire to provide strong advocacy to Native American families in upholding the Letter of the law, but more importantly the Spirit of The Indian Child Welfare Act.
  • Work diligently to create trusting relationship with the families served and the entities they collaborate within these services – building trust is the first Active Effort.
  • Be diligent in efforts to provide culturally responsive and meaningful services to families.
  • Attend to the Spirit of the law by working closely with all agency partners to provide services that are likely to lead to long term change for the children and families they serve.

Click below to find out how to nominate North Dakota’s next ICWA Champion.