Have you ever wondered why Native American children are over-represented in foster care?

Or why a disproportionate number of Indigenous children are in residential centers, treatment centers, and group homes? Have you wondered why so many First Nations people struggle with issues such as alcoholism, abuse, and violence? Or why rates for suicide, school drop out, depression, and incarceration are so high in Native communities?

This training is an in-depth, interactive examination of the concepts of historical trauma and intergeneration grief and the strategies helpful for healing that encourages participants to draw parallels that improve understanding.

Features of the training:

  • Definitions
  • Historical Events
  • Pendulum of Policies
  • Not-so-Historical Trauma
  • Patterns of Trauma and Grief
  • Unresolved Trauma and Grief
  • The Process of Healing
  • Trauma Healing Map
  • Cross-cultural Healing Model

This training can be hosted as a one- or two-day session.

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