*This project was in effect 10/2003 to 12/2007
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Medicine Moon Initiative Evaluation

The Native American Training Institute, Medicine Moon Initiative’s evaluation design consists of a national evaluation (developed by the National Technical Assistance and Evaluation Center) and a local evaluation planned, developed, and implemented through a collaboration with the 4 Tribal Child Welfare Agencies (Three Affiliated Tribes, Spirit Lake Nation, Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa, and Standing Rock Sioux Tribe) participating in Medicine Moon Initiative grant activities.

The national evaluation is designed to determine the extent to which the systems of care approach improves the capacity of child welfare agencies to develop strong infrastructures that include interagency collaboration, individualized care practices, culturally competent services and supports, and child and family involvement in all aspects of the system.  The evaluation will also determine the extent to which changes in service delivery result in improved outcomes for children and families. 

The local level evaluation is designed to capture information regarding cultural values, ideas, and norms specific to each participating tribal community and utilize that information in any future training or tool development. The MMI Evaluation Logic Model illustrates this aspect of local evaluation. Additionally, a Tribal Child and Family Services Review (TCFSR) form has been developed and is currently being pilot tested.  This TCFSR will enhance North Dakota’s tribal child welfare agencies’ capacity to help children and families achieve positive outcomes.

The information collected through the local evaluation will assist North Dakota’s Tribal Child Welfare Agencies in their effort to improve the quality of services and supports they provide to our children and families.



Medicine Moon Initiative
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