Event Dates
Dakota/Lakota Language Summit see tribal website
Kennel Powwow 3rd weekend in May
Cannonball Powwow 2nd weekend in June
Porcupine Powwow 3rd weekend in June
Bear Soldier 4th weekend in June
Little Big Horn Victory Day June 25th
Bull Head Powwow 2nd weekend in July
Dakota/Lakota Youth Culture Camp (grades 5-8) Sitting Bulls' Camp, SD

2nd week in July

Little Eagle Powwow 3rd weekend in July
Fort Yates Powwow 1st weekend in August
Dakota Oyate Youth Camp - Solen, ND August 11th
Rock Creek Powwow 2nd weekend in August
Bullhead Powwow 2nd weekend in August
Wakpala Powwow 3rd weekend in August
Sitting Bull College Powwow

3rd weekend in September

Sitting Bull Day December 15th

Contact Tribal Office for more information.



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